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Weight Loss

 weight loss hypnosis

Eliminate Cravings
And Lose Weight Quickly!

have proven that all diets work – if you can stick to them. So what
good is a diet if a person can’t stick to it because their appetite is out
of control?

offers a variety of time tested and proven appetite suppression
hypnosis programs, including our exclusive video hypnosis technology
that was awarded a U.S. Patent! It is possible to lose weight, look good, and feel great!

Your Slim & Sexy Body! Weight
Loss Hypnosis Programs

Smoking Hypnosis

 Quit Smoking CDs

Eliminate Cravings-Break
The Addiction To Smoke Or Chew!

people have tried to quit many
times without success. 
to the belief that the physical addiction is what makes
it so hard to quit, 90%
of the addiction is actually mental. 

is so effective it was awarded a U.S. Patent. It offers a variety of proven hypnosis & NLP programs that overcome
the mental addiction so clients easily stop smoking or chewing
tobacco without willpower,
cravings, or gaining weight – Guaranteed! 

Living a Healthier Life Now Stop
Smoking Hypnosis Programs

exercise motivation hypnosis 

A Burning Desire To Exercise

knows that regular
exercise will help to accelerate the metabolic rate so that we lose
weight quickly. And it will tone muscles so that we can enjoy
having a sexier body. My NLP & Hypnosis motivation program creates
the kind of motivation needed for success. Imagine what it would be
like to actually look forward to exercising!


The Drive To Succeed Wtih Exercise
Motivation Hypnosis

Relaxation Stress Management Hypnosis CDS

Stressed Out Or Depressed?

shows that many people suffer from stress between the shoulders and knots in
the stomach. Clients who’ve used these stress management CD’s reported
feeling peaceful and living a happier life. And they work just as
well on depression!

Feeling Peace & Tranquility Relaxation
Hypnosis CDs

To Thrive Now Thanks To Depression
Treatment CDs

Feeling Like You’re On Cloud 9! Stress
Management CDs

Insomnia Hypnosis CD Program

Sleeping? Insomnia Got You Down?

know, babies
don’t have any trouble sleeping. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to
quickly fall into a deep, sound, natural sleep, and sleep restfully all
night long.


A Wonderful Night Of Rest With  Insomnia

Self Confidence Hypnosis CDS

Confidence? Have a Social Phobia?

you know what the
main difference between winners and losers? It’s the inner image that
they have of themselves.  Winners feel good about themselves and
live a
life filled with
friends, success, feelings of confidence and self-esteem! 

Start Living The Life You Want With Confidence
Hypnosis CDs

Nail Biting Hypnosis CDS

To Stop Nail Biting? Want Beautiful

find that when they try to stop nail biting the urge is just too
overwhelming. And sometimes they don’t even realize they’re nail biting
until it’s too late. Hypnotherapy can help one to lose the
nail biting urges and compulsions.

Your Beautiful New Hands With Nail
Biting Hypnosis CDs

Pain Headache and Migraine Hypnosis CDS

Headache, Migraines Getting You Down?

isn’t necessary to suffer any longer! Imagine feeling good all of the
time.  Hypnosis can help the unconscious mind to replace feelings of discomfort with pleasant
comfortable feelings.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind With My Pain and
Migraine Hypnosis CDs

Phobia Hypnosis Program

Phobias Are Irrational Fears That
Ruin One’s Life

rob us of our God given right to live a full, rewarding, and
comfortable life. Clients report being able to come and go as they please,
feeling completely confident and free of fear of panic attacks. My Phobia Hypnosis CDs
feature the NLP Instant Phobia Cure!

Living The Good Life Again With Phobia
Hypnosis CDs

Memory Concentration Learning Hypnosis Program

Your Memory:
Concentrate; Retain; Recall; Overcome Test Anxiety

you are a high school or a college student, or just a student of life,
it is wonderful to be able to remember things. And now you can by
ordering my NLP & Ericksonian Hypnosis Program: "
Mind Like A Sponge!
"  This
program includes Test Anxiety Hypnosis sessions to
eliminate test anxiety.

Smart, Be Smart, Regardless Of Age Memory
Hypnosis CDs

Facial Tics Hypnosis CDs

Tics Are Embarrassing, for Children, and Adults. You can
feel peaceful

feeling normal. Imagine feeling, well . . nothing. Because that’s what
people who do not have a compulsion to twitch their face, or clear
their throat feel. They just feel relaxed and comfortable without the
slightest thought about their face. My facial tics hypnosis CDs are
great for children and adults.

Peace At Last With Facial Tic
Hypnosis CDs

Hypnosis for Asthma CDs

Attacks Can Be Aborted via Hypnosis! 


clients can be taught to abort an impending attack through

specialized NLP and hypnosis for asthma techniques. Adults
and child can gain more control and live a more confident life.

Can Be In Control With Self
For Asthma Treatment


Hypnosis Books and Scripts

Books Are
The Key To Knowledge, and Knowledge Is Power! 

Learn how to hypnotize
yourself or a friend or loved
one. Imagine how great you will feel as you learn how to
influence the most powerful computer in the universe, your
brain, to make positive changes.

Enjoy The
Power Self Hypnosis Books